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Knowledge is the lantern of life that is vital and useful


 September 16th, 2017  |  08:33 AM  |   5023 views



Knowledge is the lantern of life that is vital and useful as knowledge can help one to be successful on earth and the hereafter. Teachers also play an important role in making every student as knowledgeable, excellent and nobly behaved individuals. Teachers must avoid from dishonourable characteristics as teachers are largely influential in the shaping of a student's personality and character.

This was among the matters touched upon in today's Friday Sermon entitled, Kecemerlangan Guru Teras Kejayaan Umat or Teacher's Excellence, the Core of an Ummah's Success.


The imam or prayer leader said that verily the trust shouldered by teachers are huge and substantial as they are responsible for enriching students with knowledge, skills and noble values. Teachers are entrusted to produce a student who is all-encompassing, who are able to fulfil worldly and hereafter requirements.

The duty as an educator is not easy as it requires a sacrifice of time, energy, money and such to make the nation's people as individuals possessing a complete self-esteem in the interest of the religion, race and country.

Therefore, we must be thankful for the deeds and sacrifice of teachers who have educated and guided us. Parents should also be respectful of the teachers who educate their children until their children become knowledgeable and excellent individuals.

Islam urges us to always respect, appreciate and glorify teachers and not to insult and humiliate or even scold them as it is feared that the knowledge obtained will disappear or its blessing be taken back or will no longer receive the knowledge's benefit.




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